Metro Manila Mayors, RDC-NCR representatives, and various participants from LGUs put together to discuss MRT 7 Extension Project at the MMDA Building, August 6, 2010.

Development Planning: The MRT 7 Extension Project

The MRT 7 Extension project was endorsed by the Regional Development Council for National Capital Region (RDC-NCR) Infrastructure Committee to the RDC-NCR Proper.

The Project is assigned to the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) in coordination with the MMDA, concerned local government units and the RDC-NCR.

It will benefit thousands of Metro Manila commuters who traverse across the boundaries of Quezon City and North Luzon and is estimated to take 3 years to complete.

The project consists of a 22-kilometer, six-lane asphalt road that will connect the North Luzon Expressway to Tala, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. It will run in a northeast direction traversing Quezon City and part of Caloocan City and ending at San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. It will have 14 stations.

MRT 7 will be operated by the Universal LRT Corporation (ULC) under a Built-Gradual Transfer-Operate-and-Maintain Scheme.


Armored with values and consistent commendable performance in traffic directions and control functions, 2 MMDA Traffic Enforcers were recognized by the MMDA as "Traffic Enforcers of the Week".

Recognition of Outstanding Traffic Enforcers

In a positive move to encourage efficiency, productivity and integrity, the Agency launched the "Traffic Enforcer of the Week and/or Month". Thus, last August 23, 2010, two enforcers were recognized during the Agency's Monday flag-raising ceremony for their outstanding performance in the field of traffic management.

Traffic Aide II Reynaldo A. Del Rosario and Traffic Enforcer II Tristan Jessie Neneria were recognized for enforcing the traffic rules and not accepting offered bribes.


Traffic Enforcers on Graveyard Shift

Oplan 24/7 was launched on August 16, 2010. Under the program, the Agency formed teams of night duty personnel composed of select MMDA traffic enforcers, who are on duty from 10 pm to 6 am, 7 days a week.

The graveyard shift enforcers are tasked to apprehend or arrest traffic violators; assist in road accidents, identify measures to prevent road and traffic obstructions; monitor flooding and/or calamities; and supervise traffic flow.

The enforcers are equipped with emergency gadgets and accessories, radio-communication facilities and paraphernalia for traffic personnel. The shift is manned by 40 traffic enforcers and 30 members of the Road Emergency Group.


Vehicles such as taxi, van, and bus were apprehended at the impounded area, Pasig City.

Anti-Colorum, Anti-Traffic Violation Drive

The Agency cracked down on buses, jeeps and taxis operating without a license and violating other traffic laws. This immediately freed up EDSA from previously-perennial traffic jams, and resulted in the following:

  • 66,296 tickets issued from July 26 - August 23, 2010
  • 234 tickets issued to colorum vehicles
  • 311 vehicles in MMDA impounding areas


To mitigate the flood situations in Metro Manila, the MMDA started executing flood control measures.

Dredging of Waterways

The Agency continued dredging operations in the 11 districts of Metro Manila.

To date, the Agency has completed 70.91% of its annual target for Metro Manila's waterways. Stated otherwise, 39,436 out of a total of 55,608.00 linear meters have been declogged.

The successfully dredged esteros and waterways include:

Estero de Kabulusan
North Antipolo open canal
South Antipolo open canal
Estero dela Reina
Estero de Magdalena

Makati City
Cutcut Creek
Roxas Boulevard canal

Taguig City
Maricaban Creek

Pasig City
Marikina river (Rosario Weir)
Buli Creek

Central Manila
Piy Margal

Caloocan City
Peripheral Canals

Tullahan River

Pasay City
PNR open canal
Estero Tripa de Gallina
San Juan
E. Rodriguez Avenue

Second District of Quezon City
Tangue Creek

Mandaluyong City
Maytubas Creek

South Manila
Estero de Pandacan

Valenzuela City
Tullahan River

Paranaque City
Cut-cut Creek


MMDA in-action with declogging operations at the Estero De Galina, Buendia Makati, City.

Declogging of Manholes, Canals and Drainages

The Agency conducted declogging of manholes, canals and drainages in eight areas of Metro Manila.

The Agency maximized the use of available equipment such as Sreco machines, vacuums, water tankers, set manual scrapers, and dump trucks.

Declogging operations were conducted along:

  • Estero Trip De Galina-Buendia
  • PNR Open Canal
  • Espana Boulevard
  • Ramon Magsaysay Blvd.
  • Pureza St., Sta. Mesa
  • Quirino Avenue
  • Taft Avenue
  • San Francisco Street, Mandaluyong City
  • San Juan River, E. Rodriguez.

It was estimated that 10,370 linear meters were accomplished with a 60. 01% actual accomplishment.


Turn over Ceremony of Seedlings together with Former Chief Justice Puno and other officials.

Urban Renewal, Zoning and Land Use Planning

On August 19, 2010, representatives of the BuCor Love Foundation led by retired Supreme Court Chief Justice Reynato Puno and Mr. Cesar Guy, donated mahogany and narra seedlings to the Agency.

Tree planting and a massive greening campaign can address the Metro's environmental problems.

Being an environmental lawyer, Sec. Tolentino will allocate seedlings to the seventeen mayors comprising the Metro Manila Council as well as the 29 congressmen of Metro Manila's component districts. The Agency will utilize open spaces in Metro Manila by planting trees and building plant nurseries. Not only would this improve the façade of the Metro, it would also help combat flooding and pollution.


Around 360 disaster response volunteers gather as one at the MMDA platform, last August 22, 2010.


The MMDA is the mandated core agency of disaster management programs for the National Capital Region.

In line with this, Oplan Unos was organized to respond to life- and property-threatening situations brought about by storms and disasters. The action plan addresses the following:

  • traffic management
  • rescue and evacuation
  • debris removal
  • road clearing
  • hazard abatement
  • emergency transport
  • medical assistance

Alert levels have been classified with corresponding disaster response plans.


Carrying on the culture of volunteerism and implementing civil will, MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino invited Metro Manilans to volunteer to render assistance during disasters and emergencies.

MMDA Disaster Volunteers

An orientation program for the mobilization of 500 MMDA disaster volunteers last August 22, 2010 was held at the MMDA headquarters. The MMDA Public Safety Office assessed the volunteers' skills. Based on the assessment, the volunteers will be grouped, each group to undergo a relevant rescue training program by the first week of September.


The 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival

The Metro Manila Film Festival Executive Committee met last August 18, 2010. Its current officers are:

MMDA Secretary Francis N. Tolentino
Hon. Herbert Bautista
Mr. Jesse Ejercito
Mr. Mark Meily
Atty. Emmanuel de Castro

Co-Chairman for LGUs
Executive Vice-Chairman
Executive Director

The Executive Committee is in the process of revising its rules to accommodate one independent film as part of the festival, and appointing a Board of Jurors representing a wider spectrum of society.


Employee expressing his thoughts in behalf of his department about the issues and concerns to the authority.

Chairman's Dialogue with MMDA Employees

To foster open dialogue and boost employee morale, Sec. Tolentino organized the first monthly Dialogue with MMDA Employees held last August 20, 2010. Representatives from the Agency's divisions and departments directly aired their concerns to top-level management.