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JANUARY 08, 2015

“Use of Adult Diapers Very Practical”

People across the globe have been using adult diapers for comfort in times of war and peace, according to Emerson Carlos, Assistant General Manager for Operations of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

Carlos disclosed this following talks circulating in certain sectors that the idea of requiring MMDA traffic constables, roving and in fixed posts, and sidewalk clearing personnel to wear adult diapers to help maintain public safety in tomorrow’s Black Nazarene procession is not well thought out and planned.

On the contrary, Carlos stressed that the use of diapers was properly and thoroughly studied.

“These diapers are actually being used regularly as standard operating gear for soldiers belonging to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United States Army to fight Talibans in Afghanistan since 2012. Even the Buckingham Palace guards,” Carlos said.

Carlos pointed out that adult diapers were likewise used by the Beijing police who maintained peace and order during the 2008 Olympics and the performers who contributed partly to the huge success of the opening ceremonies. Even all astronauts of the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) of the United States wore diapers during all space shuttle launches and in their reentry into earth atmosphere.

“It is understandable that the idea may seem ridiculous to a few or maybe a majority, at first glance. But we need to look at it in its proper perspective, which is its practicality, considering the limited number of portalets in tomorrow’s event. The benefits outweigh the negative notion,” Carlos said. “Some people are quick to deride our efforts. But we at the MMDA take comfort in the fact that we are doing these practical measures to better serve the public.”

Yesterday, it was announced that the 2,000 MMDA personnel to be deployed for the “Traslacion” would be asked to wear adult diapers so that they won’t have to leave their posts during the entirety of the event.


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