Tokyo Declaration
We, the representatives of Bangkok, Delhi, Hanoi, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Metropolitan Manila, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo and Yangon, participated in the 9th Plenary Meeting of ANMC21 held in Tokyo from November 8 to 9, 2010. At this start of the tenth year of the ANMC21, we looked back on the initiatives we have taken to date and had open and friendly discussions on the direction that should be taken by our Network from here on.

Upon the close of this meeting, through collective and common understanding achieved in our discussion thus far, we hereby declare the following:
  1. Since the establishment of the Network in 2001, we have successfully promoted solidarity and cooperation among the capitals and major cities of Asia, which serve as the powerhouses of this region. We have implemented joint projects to address common challenges facing our cities, and have made steady accomplishments in areas including the development and promotion of a small to medium-sized jet passenger plane, sharing of expertise in crisis management and measures against infectious diseases, and exchanges in sports, culture, and the performing arts. We will work for further prosperity of the Asian region by continuing to implement joint projects.

  2. Economic growth and the progression of urbanization in Asia are giving rise to increasingly serious concerns about water quality, air pollution, waste disposal, and other issues related to the urban environment. There are also demands for implementation of environmental measures on a global scale, such as realizing a low-carbon society. Under the awareness that it is the responsibility of cities to take the lead in implementing pioneering initiatives, we will share knowledge and experiences among us, and will aim to become cities in harmony with environment through cooperation and collaboration over a broad spectrum including private enterprises and the citizenry.

  3. The rich potentials of Asia are now flowering and our region has taken on a significant role in the world economy. To ensure the continuous growth of Asia, it is essential to promote the development of new technologies and bolster cross-border collaboration between private enterprises. We shall deepen economic exchange between the cities and through activities of the ANMC21, which will include the provision of opportunities for cities to introduce to each other their industries and technologies.

  4. In order to resolve these challenges and achieve sustained prosperity in the Asian region, city exchange should not be limited to only conventional government-to-government programs. Rather, it should also embrace active involvement of a wide-range of entities such as private enterprise and the citizenry. We, the member cities of the ANMC21, will study concrete measures at working-level meetings, promote private-public cooperation, share best practices, and establish multifaceted, cooperative relations in a variety of areas including economy, culture and development of human resources.

  5. The 10th Plenary Meeting of the ANMC21 will be held in Seoul at an appropriate date in 2011.

November 9, 2010


Bangkok Porntep Techapaibul
Deputy Governor
Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

Seoul Eun Hee Cho
Vice Mayor
Seoul Metropolitan Government

Delhi Sheila Dikshit
Chief Minister
Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi

Singapore Teo Ho Pin
Mayor of North West District

Hanoi Nguyen Phu Binh
Ambassador of the
Socialist Republic of Viet Nam

Taipei Chien-Yuan Lin
Deputy Mayor
Taipei City Government

Jakarta Sutanto Soehodho
Deputy Governor for Industry,
Trade and Transportation Affairs
Jakarta Capital City Government

Yangon Hla Myint
Ambassador of
the Union of Myanmar

Kuala Lumpur Mhd Amin Nordin bin Abd Aziz
Deputy Director General
City Hall Kuala Lumpur

Tokyo Shintaro Ishihara
Governor of Tokyo

Metropolitan Manila Francis N. Tolentino
Metropolitan Manila Development Authority

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