TO:All Traffic Discipline Office Constables and the General Public
SUBJECT:TDO Guidelines on Enforcement of EDSA Motorcycle Lanes
DATE:February 17, 2012

In the interest of ensuring order, fairness, and consistency in the implementation and enforcement of MMDA Resolution No. 01 Series of 2012, and MMDA Memorandum Circular No. 01 Series of 2012, the following TDO Guidelines are hereby provided for the guidance of all TDO Constables enforcing traffic laws along the stretch of EDSA:

  1. Full enforcement of EDSA Motorcycle Lanes shall commence on February 20, 2012.

  2. The EDSA Motorcycle Lanes (also called EDSA Blue Lanes) are on the 4th lane of EDSA counted from the right sidewalk. These Blue Lanes have been marked with blue thermoplastic paint on the ground, as well as fixed and LED signages atop MMDA footbridges and gantries all over EDSA.

  3. The EDSA Motorcycle Lanes are non-exclusive, designated motorcycle lanes. This means that private vehicles are allowed to use these lanes. Unless they are violating any other traffic laws, private vehicles SHALL NOT be apprehended for merely driving on the EDSA Blue Lanes.

  4. The violation code to be used in enforcing the provisions of MMDA Resolution No. 1 s.2012, is Code 207e, which carries a penalty of five hundred pesos (P500).

  5. Public Utility Buses (PUBs), including both city and provincial buses, are STRICTLY PROHIBITED from driving on the EDSA Blue Lanes. Any PUB found using the Blue Lanes, unless in an emergency situation (example: stalled vehicle blocking 2nd and 3rd lane), shall be cited for violating Section 2 of MMDA Resolution No. 1 s.2012, with the appropriate violation code and penalty stated above (Code 207e, P500 penalty).

  6. Motorcycle and scooter riders (hereon referred to as “Riders”) are allowed to deviate / exit from the Motorcycle Lanes when they are about to make a U-turn, left turn, or right turn to their destination, provided that they make said turns gradually, using proper turn signals, without swerving, and within 200 meters from their intended exit or U-turn slot. For this purpose, the MMDA has installed various signages along EDSA to serve as visual guides for motorcycle riders, to inform them that they are allowed to deviate / exit from the Motorcycle Lanes at that point, if they intend to make a turn at the upcoming intersection, road, or street ahead.

  7. Riders who wish to overtake a vehicle in front of them may do so by overtaking on the left side of the vehicle to be overtaken. For this purpose, Riders are allowed to temporarily deviate from the Motorcycle Lane by briefly using the lane to their left (5th lane), and immediately returning to the Motorcycle Lane upon the completion of their overtaking movement. Again, proper signaling and safety precautions should be observed during these overtaking movements.

  8. In addition to the enforcement of the EDSA Motorcycle Lanes, Riders are reminded of the following traffic rules and regulations that are applicable to them, among others:
    Violation MMDA Violation Code Penalty
    No crash helmet 128 P150 (P1,500 under LTO)
    Dress Code for Riders (Slippers) 211 P500 / P700 / P1,000
    Excess Passenger / Cargo 212 P1,000
    Driving Under Influence 065 P2,000
    No Rear Plate 169 P150
    Failure to give proper signal 043 P150
    No / Defective Head Light* 020 P150 (P1,000 under LTO)
    No / Defective Tail Lights 021 P500 (P1,000 under LTO)
    No / Defective Brake Lights 103 P150 (P1,000 under LTO)
    Reckless Driving 004 P500 + seminar
    P750 + DL suspension
    P1,000 + DL revocation
    Unregistered Motor Vehicle 068 P900 + IMPOUND
    Delinquent/Invalid Registration 017 P900 + IMPOUND
*Note: Headlights must be on even during daytime

For all TDO constables' compliance and the general public's guidance.

(Sgd.) Atty. Yves P. Gonzalez
Director III & OIC - Traffic Discipline Office


(Sgd.) Atty. Emerson S. Carlos
Assistant General Manager for Operations

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