1. All letters of application shall be submitted to MMDA, via e-mail ( or to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, MMDA Bldg., EDSA cor. Orense St., Guadalupe, Makati City, Metro Manila
Addressed to the office of the Chairman,
Attention, MMDA Public Information Office (PIO)
Copy furnished the Traffic Engineering Division (TED) of the Traffic Operations Center (TOC),

2. The MMDA Public Information Office (PIO) shall process and check the propriety, completeness, and conformity of submitted documents to all requirements. Incomplete information or failure to comply shall cause the immediate return of the application to the applicant with corresponding notations.

3. Pre-requisites for the issuance of Blue Pylon Clearance/ Permit are:
• Letter -request of Applicants which may be from
- any National Government Agency
- any Local Government Unit (LGU) in Metro Manila, and
- any Civic Organization in the City or Municipality in Metro Manila
• Letters should include the following:
- Nature and Duration of the project/ program to be advertised
- Purpose or Event (Example: Convention, Exhibition, Trade Fair, etc.)
- Design of the ad material (display size is limited to 3.5 ft. H x 5 ft.W)
- Note: Ad material shall be in TARPAULIN

4. Application is on first come first serve basis. Applicants should give the MMDA- PIO (5) days to process and secure approval of the Chairman.

5. Once the application is approved, the MMDA-PIO shall prepare the necessary clearance.

6. The clearance shall be issued to the applicant at NO COST, furnishing the Traffic Engineering Division (TED), Traffic Operations Center (TOC) with a copy thereof.

7. Each pylon shall accommodate three (3) display ads in tarpaulin (back to back of each pylon) which shall clearly indicate the following:
- date of installation and
- date of removal (maximum of three (3) months
at the bottom right corner of the ad display written in bold letters not less than one half (1/2) inch high, readable from the distance of five (5) meters.

8. The Blue Pylons are available to all qualified applicants for the promotion of their Plans and Programs for FREE, provided they
do not use these for commercial purposes and their ad/ display materials do not carry any product logo or private company logo.

9. The use of the Blue Pylons shall be limited to a maximum period of three (3) months from date of installation to be of service to as many National Government Agencies, Metro Manila Local Government Units (LGUs), and Civic Organizations in Metro Manila as possible.

10. The requesting party shall be responsible for the installation of the ad display in coordination with the MMDA-PIO and the MMDA TEC-TOC. Immediately, after the expiration date of the permit to display, or as soon as the three (3) months maximum period has lapsed, the end-user shall undertake the removal, disposition and dismantling of the all expired materials.

11. The MMDA TEC-TOC shall automatically undertake the immediate removal and disposition of all expired materials should the end users fail to remove them. A report shall be sent to the MMDA PIO for reference in considering future applications.


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