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March 19, 2017 

Motorist Commends Three MMDA Traffic Enforcers For Professionalism in Handling Accident

Three MMDA traffic enforcers have earned the respect and admiration of a motorist whose children were involved in a minor vehicular accident recently in Makati City.
In the Facebook account of multi-media motoring journalist James Deakin, the anonymous motorist shared and recounted how the three MMDA traffic personnel- only identified as Bilano, Emilano and Vermug- professionally managed the situation.
 “My daughter was driving home from school with her brother when they met an accident along the northbound lane of EDSA between Guadalupe and Pioneer. I had to rush to the scene as this was the first time that my daughter had a car accident. She was nervous but the professional manner that the three MMDA traffic officers managed the situation made my daughter feel safe and comfortable. In particular, Officer Vermug (a lady) was described by my daughter as "very motherly", the writer said.
The anonymous writer also said that the other party involved in the accident, motorcycle rider Jojo Avila, exhibited “patient and calm demeanor” when the traffic enforcers were processing the accident scene.
 “Considering all the heated altercations that we see and read about, it's good to know that you can still meet good people even in unfortunate circumstances,” the writer said, adding that the MMDA traffic enforcers deserve commendations.
 MMDA General Manager Tim Orbos said the incident only proved that the agency’s traffic personnel are professional and dedicated in their work. 
“These traffic enforcers would go the extra mile to make motorists involved in accidents safe and manage the situation in a professional manner,” Orbos said.
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