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The new MMDA logo symbolizes the renewed thrust of the agency towards the pursuit of a better urban standard of living for the people of Metro Manila. The sun, with its 17 rays, symbolizes a new era for the Metropolis and its 17 component Local Government Units. The logo features the Manila City Hall Clock and the historical Rizal Monument, two of Metro Manila's most famous landmarks. The colors used show the unity of the Agency with the nation as a whole. The new MMDA motto calls for integrity, honesty and discipline not just among agency employees, but for all Metro Manilans as well. Finally, all the elements are embraced in a circle to emphasize the need for synergy among all the stakeholders, in the pursuit of our shared hopes and societal aspirations towards the environment, and for all people under God's all-embracing love and mercy.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         September 8, 2010

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