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Since December 23, 2014


Latest News


Scheduled Road Reblockings/ Repair/ Improvement/ Equipment Installation in Metropolitan Manila

MANILA WATER Excavation for Sewer Lines Replacement Project from January 05- April 19, 2016
-Along West Avenue (Sidewalk Only) and North Lawin Alley, Brgy. Philam, Quezon City.  read more...

January 23, 2017

No Window Hours Policy Extended For 6 Months

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is set to file appropriate cases against the owner of the 18-wheeler trailer truck which fell on its side and caused traffic snarls on Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City last Thursday. read more...

January 22, 2017

MMDA to Sue Truck Owners Involved in Mishaps Resulting to Property Damage and Traffic Congestion

The No Window Hours policy implementation for the unified vehicular volume reduction program (UVVRP) or the Number Coding Scheme has been extended for another six months, according to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA). read more...

January 21, 2017

MMDA’s Zipper Lane Back to the Drawing Board; Other Measures Being Studied

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced yesterday that it will suspend the planned Monday implementation of the zipper lane scheme from Main Avenue to Guadix in Ortigas. read more...

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Latest Blog Posts & Articles About MMDA

MMDA opens own film center - Article published in The Philippine Daily Inquirer Star on March 1, 2015

Its hands are already full just minding the capital’s traffic situation, but it looks like the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has more than enough energy and resources to spare for its other passion: movies. read more...

"3 Enforcers sacked, 23 others suspended" - Article published in The Philippine Staron February 24, 2015

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has dismissed three traffic enforcers and suspended 23 others for various offenses, MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino said yesterday. read more...

"River run" - Article published in The Philippine Daily Inquirer( on March 9, 2014

The revival of the Pasig River Ferry comes across as an afterthought, but it's a welcome idea just the same in view of the traffic gridlock feared to occur when an estimated 15 road projects get underway all at the same time in Metro Manila. (As it is, the traffic situation is a recurring nightmare.) read more...

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Public Feedback

This is a much-delayed appreciation for the wonderful work you're doing in MMDA.
I have seen real, logical and consistent implementation of traffic rules, and lessening of kotong traffic enforcers (at least here in Makati), greener roads and bridges and a much more intelligent, resolute, and steadfast determination to reduce Metro Manila's physical problems. Even the monster buses "the bullies of the road" are getting discipline!

It's wonderful news that government through MMDA, is doing something big to clean up air pollution that has been responsible and continues to be responsible for a lot of lung and heart diseases. Babies and children are especially vulnerable to the toxics from vehicle emissions.

I would like to add my voice to the chorus that is singing praise for the 
wonderful work that you are doing at MMDA to protect our environment.
May you and your staff continue your good work!

Congratulations to MMDA and the chair, Francis Tolentino for the
excellent initiatives in making Metro Manila a better city!

I wish to acknowledge MMDA for this early Christmas gift and for
attempting to  solve the problem in EDSA. I am sincerely hoping that you
can do something about the public transportation in EDSA as well because 
their violations are part of the major contributors of traffic.

The red lights at the said intersection have all been replaced
and are now working, thanks. There are still 2 lights though
whose yellow lights are still busted. I hope they can be replaced soon.

Thank you again for your immediate reply. Just my way of
helping MMDA solve the traffic problems along EDSA..
i am happy to see the bus operators on the news being asked
about their strike.. di dapat tayo takot sa mga yan...
MMDA should show them that even without them on EDSA, kaya ng MMDA ....

Last Sunday, Nov. 07, 2010, at around 9:30 AM, while driving down EDSA,
I noticed  that there was something wrong with my car. Fortunately,
just before the Forbes park gate, there were four men from the MMDA. 
|Unfortunately, I have lost the paper on which I listed their names.
This is such a pity because I would like to recommend them for their courteous
 and generous action.  They gave first aid to the car and monetary reward.

Thank you very much for responding to our people's concerns.
 You're simply the best.

On behalf of the Bahay Nakpil-Bautista Foundation, I would like to commend
your rapid reaction in deploying the Flood Control Sewerage and Management
Office and their crew who did a great job of dredging the Estero de Quiapo from
Escaldo to FR Hidalgo treets upon our request, and through your initiative,
up to Arlegui Street.

Thank you for your prompt reply and still hoping and I know
its still possible to regain the trust of the public to MMDA.

I truly appreciate such prompt response. very very gratifying.

Thanks for you for helping us! You and your office has been a

great help! Surely, MMDA has become very efficient.

I would like you to know that I support and like what you are 
doing right now in our metropolis. Please continue the good work!

Maraming salamat po! Nawa'y pagpalain po kayo ng Diyos! MABUHAY PO KAYO!

I am totally impressed with the quick response and action taken by your Office.
I want to thank the Communications Group of the MMDA for their quick
and helpful replies to my questions when I called this morning.

Magandang araw po sa lahaT.....nakita ko po na maayos na at maaliwalas
ang bungad ng esteban abada road, naalis na ang concrete barrier sa kalsada at
maginhawa na sa aming motoristang nais na dumaan doon. ako po ay
nagpapasalamat sa lahat ng nangasiwa at naglinis doon....

Thank you for releasing the guidelines titled 10 Things That Drivers Should Know. As editor of, a website for motorists and car enthusiasts, I believe this list will be very helpful to our readers. I hope you don't mind then that I have reposted your list on

our website. I look forward to more of your FAQ posts and to helping your agency in spreading them to help educate our motorists.Thanks and happy weekend!

Thank you so much, this helped me a lot..MMDA is not so bad, even though
I've been given a ticket before and stopped by an enforcer once to many,
but I know its for the us to learn. Keep up the good job!

 Mabuhay po! Malaking tulong po ang ginawang pagpapaluwang ng drainage!
Syempre po mas bibilis ang pagbaba ng tubig kaya ngayon hindi
na gaya ng dati na konting ulan lang e baha agad. Maraming salamat po!

                                                                                                                                                                                             Read more Feedbacks

Top FAQs

Towing and Impounding FAQ
No Contact Traffic Apprehension Policy (11 Things You Need to Know)
Pasig River Ferry FAQ

Edsa Bus Segregation
No Smoking in Public Places Policy
What To Do During Vehicular Accidents

Disaster Awareness FAQ
Procedure in Settling your MMDA issued Traffic Violations

Earthquake Preparedness Guide
Rules on Plate Numbers
10 Things That Drivers Should Know (Updated January 2016)
Traffic Violations and Penalties (Updated: February 2016)
Anti-Littering Law: 10 Things You Should Know

Alternate Routes
These are animation videos for the alternate routes implemented during the construction phases of the infrastructure projects in Metro Manila. Click Title to link..
  Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 Project
  Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. / Makati Ave. - Paseo De Roxas Underpass Project
  NAIA Expressway Phase II Construction Project
C2 - R7 Flyover Construction Project

 Total Number of Anti-Littering
Law Apprehensions

7 74
As of December 31, 2016

 Tobacco Control Operation Report (2016)

 Access Restriction to Minors Total
Total Number of LGUs visited - 23
Total Number of School Vicinity Monitored - 389
Total Number of Stores Monitored
     - Stationary Stores - 2,183
     - Ambulant Vendors - 780

Orientation on Tobacco Control


Total Number of Training Orientation - 26
Total Number of Individuals Given Orientation - 2,645
 Smoking Cessation Services for PUV Operators, Drivers and Staff 1,888
as of March 31, 2016

Total Number of Overspeeding
Contact Apprehensions

Macapagal Avenue

033 747

Commonwealth Avenue

055 974
As of June 30, 2016

Total Number of Anti-Jaywalking

MMDA Regulation No. 12-001

 142 175

As of July 31, 2014

MMDA Resolution No. 14-13

056 5

August 21, 2014 - December 31, 2016  

Total Number of concerns received
Metrosolusyon website
Concerns Received

As of August 31, 2016

 Administrative Cases
Administrative Hearings

 No. of Personnel 2010- 2015
Dismissed from the Service - 13
Suspended - 43
Reprimanded - 8
Case Dismissed - 3

Administrative Complaints
Preliminary Investigations

No. of Personnel   2010- 2015
Dismissed from the Service (Casual) - 1
Terminated Contract (JO) - 22
Suspended - 19
Reprimanded - 177
Preventively Suspended - 81
Formally Charged - 14
Active (on-going) ADMINISTRATIVE CASES (as of April 30, 2015) - 23
Information June 2010 to April 30, 2015

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